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Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Skills

A myth says ‘Public Speaking skills is a gift that is born with you’. The fact is that ‘Public Speaki

ng skills is a habit’. The more you practice, the better you will be. It means, whoever you are, whether you have parents or relatives who are public speakers or not, still you have the same chance as so many people to be a great Public Speaker.

The major problems faced by a person who learns  public speaking skills among others: nervous, not confident, never try and even avoid every single opportunity he/she has. And all those problems can only be solved by practice, practice and practice. Here are three tips to help you in learning public speaking skills: Knowing Yourself; Knowing Your Audience and Knowing Your Material.

Knowing yourself means understanding yourself very well. Have you ever learned a personal development technique? If your answer is ‘No’, you’d better schedule it once. Because by learning a personal development technique, you will be able to know what is your strengths as well as your weakness. In this way, you can improve your weakness area and cope with your nervous. Practice more is the other way to know yourself better. Ask others’ feedback and evaluate, so your improvement can be monitored.

Knowing your Audience is the next tip to be a successful Public speaker. Because different audience needs different communication style and approach. You have to also match your self-image with your audience. Your self-image can be seen from your appearance. Also match your culture with your audience, it will impress them and succeed your public speaking. Show to your audience that you pay much attention by recognizing them with your eye contact and maximizing 2 ways communication.

Knowing your Material is very essential for a public speaker. That’s why you really need to prepare your material well, get as many supporting details as possible and if needed, attach graphic or statistics. Make sure you make a simple order about your material. Make your material interesting by enriching it with pictures, appropriate animation and sounds and colorful presentation. Last but not least, make sure the spelling is correct. Knowing your material also means that you have to prepare answers for suspected questions.

Good luck for your upcoming public speaking!

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